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ICOMOS Ireland Annual Maura Shaffrey Lecture 600

The 21st Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture will take place in Dublin Castle on Thursday, 31st October 2019. The title of this year's lecture is Keeping Heritage Above Water. A lecture and panel discussion with keynote speaker Dr Cara Augustenborg will examine the Sustainable Development Goals and their relationship to cultural heritage, particularly when facing today's challenges to sustainably adapt for climate change and contemporary needs. Full details on the lecture can be found here. To register for the event, please follow this link.

The 20th Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture 

Theme: Historic Urban Landscapes

Speaker: Professor Michael Turner

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Dublin Castle

The 20th Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture ‘Future Historic City – New Approaches for a Sustainable 21st Century City’ took place in Georges Hall, Dublin Castle on Wednesday October 17th.

Professor Michael Turner (UNSECO Chair on Urban Design and Conservation Studies) opened the lecture by describing urban heritage conservation evolution from monuments to include living cities and cultural landscapes, from restoration to the management of change and regeneration, from mono-disciplinary to integrative and participatory planning and from development to environmental sciences to sustainability. How culture contributes to development was discussed and how the ‘integrative approach of the Historic Urban Landscape might provide a direction with cultural mapping and participatory tools within the new Sustainable Development Goals highlighting culture as a driver and enabler for sustainable development’. In addition, Professor Turner noted the need for considering the ‘soul of the city’, that is the intangible aspects such as theatre, arts, music, literature, tradition and memory.

The Historic Urban Landscapes Approach Workshop led by Professor Turner with Dublin City Council, took place the following day on October 18th. This event was very successful and focused on real issues and opportunities within Dublin, using some of the Historic Urban Landscapes Tools. ICOMOS Ireland were also delighted to have Yonca Erkan, UNESCO Focal Point on Historic Urban Landscapes involved at the workshop also.

A recording of the lecture can be found here.


The 19th Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture 

The Heritage of Tourism, ‘Keeping Sight of Sites’

By Dr. Peter Harbison

George's Hall, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

Friday 3rd of November 2017

6.30pm for 7.00 pm talk.

In this lecture Dr. Harbison addresses issues such as the commercialisation of cultural heritage sites in tourism, visitor information and engagement, conservation management and the role of organisations and local communities.


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