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The 19th Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture 

The Heritage of Tourism, ‘Keeping Sight of Sites’

By Dr. Peter Harbison

George's Hall, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

Friday 3rd of November 2017

6.30pm for 7.00 pm talk.

In this lecture Dr. Harbison addresses issues such as the commercialisation of cultural heritage sites in tourism, visitor information and engagement, conservation management and the role of organisations and local communities.



“Sustaining The Industrial Heritage”

by Sir Neil Cossons OBE FSA Hon FRIBA

Date:    Wednesday 12th October 2016      Time: 6.30 for 7.00 pm talk

Venue:  George's Hall, Dublin Castle, Dublin  2            

Presented in partnership with the Office of Public Works.


Sustaining The Industrial Heritage

The impact of industrialisation on societies and landscapes can be overwhelming. Even countries that are not themselves industrial have seen dramatic change handed down from the industrial world. This legacy of industry is prolific, unnoticed, frequently reviled, often majestic, but invariably elemental in its impact.

In this lecture Neil Cossons addresses issues presented by the detritus of industry, how we define and recognise its importance and manage its future as part of the wider heritage. Given the magnitude of the three-hundred-year industrial experience is this a bequest from the past we wish to treasure, and if so how? Or, is it just too difficult? How does the heritage establishment equip itself to meet the challenges presented by landscapes of former industry such that they can animate the future in a compelling and meaningful way?

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