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 Blue Shield Ireland Event during Heritage Week 2017

The Irish National Committee of the Blue Shield (INCBS) took part in Heritage Week 2017, by delivering short talks on the following topics, in the library of the RIA: 

Blue Shield Ireland

Protecting our Cultural Heritage - Lar Joy, National Museum of Ireland

Changing Climate, Changing Heritage - Dr Cathy Daly, University of Lincoln & ICOMOS Ireland                                                                      

The committee are currently preparing for a Heritage Council supported training event early in 2018, to be delivered by ICCROM, to an invited audience of circa 30 participants.   This will comprise presentations on the legal context, on the status of and progress made in meeting national obligations to The Hague Convention (1954) and on Risk Preparedness.  The three-day event will conclude with a mock flood, to demonstrate practical responses and issues.



The INCBS seminar 'Prepare to Protect' was held on 22 October in Collins Barracks, Dublin.

It was designed to draw together and present information on the underlying international Hague Convention and protocols, on the status of National enabling legislation, on Government and Institutional responses, to provide and stimulate information and debate on issues arising from risk to our heritage from, conflicts, fire and natural disasters and to chart a way forward for protection through planning. 

Presentations from the proceedings are available below: 

Mark Adamson, Flood Risk Assessment and Management: Protecting our Heritage - Click here

Susie Bioletti, Knowing the Collection, Managing all the Risks - Click here

Dobbin, Keely, Fire Service: Pre-Incident Planning & Fire Service Liaison / Role - Click here

Dobbin, Keely, Risk Preparedness - Click here

Lesley-Ann Hayden, MSPI - Putting the Basics in Place - Click here

Patrizia La Piscopia, First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis - Click here

O'Doherty, Leonard, McMullan, Emergency Management in Ireland - Click here

Zoë Reid, National Disaster Response Scheme - Click here

Declan Smyth, 1954 Hauge Convention and Protocols - Click here


Click here for the seminar programme.

Click here for the seminar flyer.

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