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The Irish committee was reconstituted in 2010 under the chairmanship of Dr Michael Ryan, then Director of the Chester Beatty Library, and met on five occasions. The priority objectives (in sequential order) at that stage were to:

  • Compile and agree articles of association and apply to the International Blue Shield Committee for sanction;
  • To engage in advocacy to have the Republic of Ireland ratify the Hague Convention;
  • To create awareness of Blue Shield within Ireland;
  • To engage with the defence forces, ngos and other bodies serving at home and abroad to raise the level of awareness of the importance of protecting the cultural heritage.

In October 2010, ICOMOS Ireland hosted the annual ICOMOS International Advisory Committee meeting and Scientific Symposium in Dublin. The Irish Blue Shield Committee organised an awareness session on 26 October at the Chester Beatty Library, at which Axel Mykleby of the Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield (ANCBS) gave a presentation on the history of the Hague Convention, the Blue Shield symbol and the work of the national committees. The headquarters of the ANCBS, which was founded in 2008, is in The Hague. At the same meeting, Dr Stephen Kelley, Co-President of the ISCARSAH Scientific Committee of ICOMOS gave an interesting paper on the response of a small group of experts working under the Blue Shield banner, who documented the damage caused by the Haitian earthquake of January 2010 to a uniquely Haitan building-type, 'Gingerbread houses', in Port au Prince. Finally, the ICOMOS representatives of the new INCBS delivered a presentation prepared by an Australian ICOMOS ICORP and Blue Shield colleague, Robin Ridett, on the wildfires in Australian. Participants at that event were invited to register their interest and an initial database was compiled.



Chairman: Lar Joye (ICOM)

Secretary: Deirdre McDermott (ICOMOS)

Members: Cathy Daly (ICOMOS), Siobhan Fitzpatrick (IFLA), Colette O'Flaherty (IFLA), Helen Hewson (ICA/AAA), Kasandra O'Connell (ICA/AAA)


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