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The Irish committee was reconstituted in 2010 under the chairmanship of Dr Michael Ryan, then Director of the Chester Beatty Library, and met on five occasions. The original objectives (in sequential order) of the INCBS were to:

  1. Compile and agree articles of association and apply to the International Blue Shield Committee for sanction;
  2. To engage in advocacy to have the Republic of Ireland ratify the Hague Convention;
  3. To create awareness of Blue Shield within Ireland;
  4. To engage with the defence forces, ngos and other bodies serving at home and abroad to raise the level of awareness of the importance of protecting the cultural heritage.

Objective 1: In September 2012, the Irish Committee received notification of ratification as the Irish National Committee of the Blue Shield (INCBS).

Objective 2: In 2018 the government of Ireland ratified the 1954 Hague Convention and the 2nd Protocol.

A launch event screening the recent film Memory Men, followed by a Q&A session, is planned to mark the Irish government ratification of the Hague Convention. This event will be hosted by the IFI.

Objective 3, 4: An Irish National Committee of the Blue Shield facebook page has been established, to communicate information about the committee, its raison d’être and its activities. 

See the Activities page for a list of the work undertaken by the INCBS since its re-establishment in 2010.



The INCBS will conduct its business as an autonomous body but in accordance with the principles of The International Committee of the Blue Shield. The INCBS will conduct its business in the following manner:

  1. Members will serve a maximum of four years and be eligible for reappointment for a further term of four years.
  2. Of the two nominees of each body, for the first term one will be nominated for two years only to ensure a cycle of regular rotation of membership as well as continuity from committee to committee. Those nominated to a short term of membership of the INCBS will be eligible on completion of their two year term for nomination for a subsequent four year term. (6 years in total)
  3. The INCBS will meet as often as necessary but in any event not less often than twice a year, one of which meetings will be designated the Annual General Meeting at which elections will take place and the rules of the organisation approved or amended as required.
  4. The INCBS shall elect the following officers: chairman, secretary and treasurer to serve a four year term. Officers may serve for a maximum of two terms.
  5. The INCBS will agree to its own rules to govern its business in accordance with the conventions of the International Committee of the Blue Shield.
  6. The INCBS will conduct its business and financial affairs in accordance with the highest standards and shall provide an annual report to the nominating bodies.
  7. The committee can co-opt additional individuals with appropriate expertise.


Chairman: Lar Joye (ICOM)

Secretary: Deirdre McDermott (ICOMOS)

Members: Cathy Daly (ICOMOS), Siobhan Fitzpatrick (IFLA), Colette O'Flaherty (IFLA), Zoe Reid (ICA/AAA), Daniel Aviotis (ICA), Kasandra O'Connell (AAA)


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