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BLUE SHIELD 2011-2012

The Committee appointed an additional/ replacement member from each of its pillar institutions to form an ongoing working committee - see below. The working Committee elected its own serving officers and outlined an action plan. One of the first items addressed was to elaborate a constitution which was submitted to the International Committee of the Blue Shield for ratification. Deirdre McDermott attended the ANCBS General Assembly in Vienna, at which the Irish Committee was noted and welcomed and a series of presentations were made on emergency and response across the various regions of the world. In the interim, whilst awaiting ratification, the Committee invited speakers to update us on disaster preparedness training and education and on emergency planning in Ireland. Patrizia Lapiscopi, a UCD PhD student, involved in the development and ongoing presentation of the ICCROM course, 'First aid for cultural heritage in times of strife' made a presentation to the committee in June 2012 and Dr Caroline McMullen, DCU, spoke to the committee in October about 'Emergency planning in Ireland and the Emergency Planning Society (Ireland)'. Dr McMullen explained the establishment in 2004 of an inter-agency working group who produced A framework for major emergency management (2006). She identified the principle response agencies (PRAs) as An Garda Síochána, the Health Service Executive and the local authorities and noted that the handbook identifies the mechanisms for linking the work of the PRAs with the government and sets out arrangements for collaboration across the sectors. Following its launch in Sept 2007, the first Emergency Management Plan went live on 30 September 2008. A review of the template was under way as of October 2012 and the First National Risk Register was to be sent to the Minister (DECLG) before Christmas.

In September 2012, the Irish Committee received notification of ratification as the Irish National Committee of the Blue Shield (INCBS). In October, an ICOMOS representative member of the INCBS attended the ICOMOS Ad Com and Scientific Syposium 2012 in China with the theme of Reducing Risk to Cultural heritage from natural and Human-Caused Disasters.


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