NSCET Committee Members

This NSC originally operated as a sub-committee of ICOMOS Ireland until 2012 when ICOMOS reviewed its operational and governing structures. 

It is developing a Programme of Work and Preparing a set of Rules of Governance which will be submitted to the Executive in course and then posted on this website once approved.


The Education & Training National Scientific Committee (in formation) currently has five members:

President: Paul Mc Mahon (Convener)

Vice President: Nessa Roche, Department of AHG

Secretary: Colm Murray, Heritage Council

Committee: Fintan Duffy, Waterford Institute of Technology 
                    Elene Negussie, UCD

The membership of the NSC represents experienced professionals, policy makers and educators from the broad field of conservation and heritage management. All Members with a particular interest in conservation, education and training are invited to join.


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