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The Industrial Heritage National Scientific Committee (hereinafter called the IHNSC) was founded by ICOMOS Ireland at its meeting on the 12th day of June 2012.



The "industrial heritage" consists of sites, structures, complexes, areas and landscapes as well as the related machinery, objects or documents that provide evidence of past or ongoing industrial processes of production, the extraction of raw materials, their transformation into goods, and the related energy and transport infrastructures. Industrial heritage reflects the profound connection between the cultural and natural environment, as industrial processes – whether ancient or modern – depend on natural sources of raw materials, energy and transportation networks to produce and distribute products to broader markets. It includes both material assets - immovable and movable –, and intangible dimensions such as technical know‐how, the organisation of work and workers, and the complex social and cultural legacy that shaped the life of communities and brought major organizational changes to entire societies and the world in general.



In pursuing its objectives the IHNSC aims to:

  • Promote the documentation, assessment, interpretation, conservation, management, and decision-making for adaptive re-use, of industrial heritage.
  • Engage with ICOMOS International, the International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage (TICCIH), the Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland (IHAI), and any other bodies aligned to the objectives of the IHNSC.
  • Collaborate with the national and international ICOMOS community in exploring the potential benefits of establishing an International Scientific Committee on Industrial Heritage.
  • Encourage a multidisciplinary approach to the industrial heritage.
  • Establish minimum training and qualification standards for those engaged in industrial heritage.
  • Provide a platform for dialogue and cooperation between professionals, experts, technologists, academics and students about industrial heritage.
  • Develop an ICOMOS Charter on Industrial Heritage.



The activities of the IHNSC are controlled by the statutes of ICOMOS International, the Eger- Xian Principles; and the Memorandum and Articles of Association of ICOMOS Ireland.



Membership is open to all ICOMOS Ireland members who should indicate their interest to the IHNSC and their application will be processed at the next available opportunity.
The committee shall establish a membership roll.

Criteria for participation: Any member who fails to participate in the activities of the Committee for a period of three years will be removed from the membership roll.



The committee takes its decisions by majority vote of the members present at its meeting.
Meetings of the committee shall be held not less than twice annually.
Out of the members, the committee shall elect a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary.
The elected members are responsible for the preparation of the Committee's meetings, the implementation of the Committee's decisions, the preparation of the election process and the preparation and submission of the annual report.
The committee shall adopt and submit a work programme in accordance with the requirements of the Executive Committee of ICOMOS Ireland.
The committee shall compile and submit an annual report in accordance with the requirements of the Executive Committee of ICOMOS Ireland.



The members of the Committee obtain themselves the funds necessary to ensure their own participation in the activities of the committee, especially their presence at meetings.

Any special activities or events organised by the committee shall be financed by funds allocated by ICOMOS Ireland from its annual budget, and application shall be made to the executive of ICOMOS Ireland for any such funding request.

Funds may be obtained by the Committee on its own initiative, on behalf of ICOMOS Ireland, from International and National organisations and by funds from any other source provided by way of gift, bequest, donation or sponsorship towards the achievement of the objectives of the committee.



The committee shall conform to Irish law.
The Rules may only be changed by a 2/3 majority vote of the members of the IHNSC

Nothing in these rules shall be interpreted in a way which is inconsistent with the realisation of the objective of the Committee.

Any interpretation of these rules should be made in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of ICOMOS Ireland.

Any disputes over the interpretation of these rules shall be arbitrated by the Executive Committee of ICOMOS Ireland.

The rules enter into force with the approval of the National Committee of ICOMOS Ireland.


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