ICOMOS Ireland Objectives

IWTN-Youghal-presentation Page 07 Image 0003The main objective for which ICOMOS Ireland was established is:

The advancement of education and to foster a wider appreciation of historic, architectural and cultural heritage through the promotion for the public benefit of the conservation, protection and enhancement of monuments, groups of buildings and sites on a national and on an international level. The following objects set out are subsidiary and ancillary to the main objective.

  • To establish, maintain and promote internationally accepted standards of practice, in the preservation, conservation and management of cultural heritage.
  • To have regard to the framework of International Charters and Conventions on preservation of monuments, groups of buildings and sites.
  • To promote and work for higher standards in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.
  • To raise the level of awareness and encourage a wider understanding of the scope and value of cultural heritage, by educating the public in all matters relating to the conservation and preservation of the cultural heritage.
  • To promote international best practice through research and publications.
  • To promote international best practice through lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • To promote education and training programmes in the field of conservation and preservation.
  • To collect, evaluate and disseminate information on conservation principles, techniques and policies.
  • To become a statutory consultee for cultural heritage, policy and legislation in Ireland.
  • The ICOMOS Ireland Memorandum of Association can be viewed here.


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