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 ICOMOS Ireland Heritage Week 2018 Event - Value of Cultural Heritage For Society


The ICOMOS Ireland Heritage Week Event, 'Value of Cultural Heritage to Society' took place in Dublin City Council Wood Quay Venue on Tuesday 21st August. Following an introduction to ICOMOS Ireland by Gráinne Shaffrey and a briefing on the projects objectives and overview of The Faro Convention by Paul McMahon, thirty-six attendees participated in the workshop led by Rosie Lynch, Callan Workshouse Union. Further updates on the project to follow in the coming weeks. 

ICOMOS Ireland would like to thank The Heritage Council and Dublin City Council for supporting this event. 


The Dublin Meetings on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) April 2018

The Final Report of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Energy, Sustainability + Climate Change (ISCES+CC), and ICOMOS Ireland Dublin Meetings on the Sustainable Development Goals is now available to view at here


ICOMOS Ireland Submission on Bringing Back Homes Manual

Recent work by ICOMOS Ireland includes a submission to the Building Standards, Dept of Housing, Planning and Local Government regarding the Draft publication 'Bringing Back Homes- Manual for the reuse of existing buildings’ which has been developed to support and facilitate the reuse of older/ vacant buildings in Ireland’s towns and cities for residential use. Following consideration of submissions, the guidelines may be amended.

The submission from ICOMOS Ireland welcomed this initiative to provide guidance on the policy and regulatory context with regard to the reuse of existing buildings for primarily residential uses and how ICOMOS Ireland is keen to support such endeavours to support the continued and appropriate use of our historic and existing building stock in a sustainable manner which will also contribute to the provision of quality homes and the ongoing viability of our many historic urban centres of diverse scale and character.

 CIAV Newsletter Publication

Peter Cox, ICOMOS Ireland and ISCES+CC member, has recently had an article published in the International Committee on Vernacular Architecture (CIAV) Newsletter, which has raised international interest.

The article, Energy Efficiency in Vernacular & Traditional Buildings, focuses on the need for the professional heritage sector to embrace the concept of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ‘whilst being cognisant of the importance of protecting our built heritage and understanding the challenges that these initiatives may bring’. With this in mind the article sets out the primary aim of the ISCES+CC and its mirror NSCES+CC to:

“go on the offensive in training, upskilling and educating all – other ISC’s such as CIAV, ISC20C, CIVVIH, ISCARAGH, ISCEAH, CIF, CIPA, ISCSBH, PRERICO and many more can assist in spreading the word and creating a positive movement to inform all of how to approach Best practice when considering the energy upgrade of a vernacular or traditional building. ISC’s and NSC’s should come together to organise joint conferences, skills training, technical papers and Continual Professional Development Courses (CPDs) in the “Energy Efficiency Retro-Fit of Vernacular & Traditional Buildings”.

Recommendations listed in the article include continuing to introduce new materials for Vernacular and Traditional buildings, for example ‘breathable materials’ such as Wood Fibre Board for insultation. For a copy of the full article please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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